Solved CSS 2021 Papers

CSS-2021 English Précis and Composition Solved Paper by expert professors

css 2021 solved paper of English precis and composition

Question no. 1


1.      Defenestration: 

      A: Ejection

2.      Sot:

      B: Drunkard

3.      Visceral

      C: Intuitive

4.      Deracinated 

      A: Uprooted

5.      Bricolage

      A: Medley

6.      Miscegenation

      D: Crossbreed

7.      Demiurge

A: Deity

8.      Alluvial

C: Deposited

9.      Hagiographic

C: Adulatory

10.  Tousled

A: Disheveled


11.  Clerisy

C: Laity

12.  Fera

A: Domesticated

13.  Demagogue

C: Reconciler

14.  Bibulous

B: Nonabsorbent

15.  Pabulum

B: Trash

16.  Quisling

A: Loyalist

17.  Chiaroscuro

A: Clear

18.  Caitiff

A: Hero

19.  Anachronistic

C: Contemporary

20.  Nymphomaniac

A: Un-erotic    


Question No. 2.


English Precis:

Title: Works and Contribution of Nazir Hussain 


Nazir Hassan, a Palestinian filmmaker, produced two documentaries about Israeli occupation of his homeland. In the documentary, “Independence,” he brought out the irony in Israeli celebration of freedom after they displaced the indigenous population. His second documentary, “My Grandfather’s Path,” is a long but excellent narrative that pays homage to the Palestinians’ struggle. The epic highlights the needs for the oppressed not to become dehumanized like their oppressors. The avenues of film, art and literature can save the persecuted peoples form destructive resentments.

Question No. 3.



1) The need for waging pre-emptive wars is the neo-imperial American doctrine that only considers the country’s perceived interests. Whenever US deems its national security at risk, it denies any room for counselling as it resorts to aggression and kinetic force.

2. As pacifists argue, there is no moral justification for war. However, neoconservative talk-show host, Bill O’Reilly drew on the fallacy of moral equivalence to push for the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. The way he argued for war, among others, manifested the logic of a hyperpower.

3. The countries occupied by hyperpower have no peace because the invading forces do not make substantive space to nurture institutional democracy. In Afghanistan, for example, the Taliban regime was replaced with the warlords who failed to democratize the country, plunging it into a renewed chaos.

4. The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 demonstrated that some European countries, at least, did not agree with the manifestation of American hyperpower in pre-emptive use of force against Iraq. One of those EU countries, France, did not see the invasion as just war.

5. Tony Blair, as Prime Minister, expressed the need for restraining American’s hyperpower – through wise counsel. This policy, however, did not work and the events took ironic turn as Britain participated in the invasion of Iraq.


Question No. 4.


1.      They were lieing in the sun. (lying)

2.      He will not come without he is asked. (unless)

3.      John as well as Harry bear witness to it. (bears)

4.      The crew were now on board and they soon busied themselves with preparations to meet the coming storm.

5.      Could I have piece of please? (Could I have another piece, please?) (Could I have a piece of cake, please?)

6.      Is there a sport club nearby? (sports)

7.      The coat is quite big. (large)

8.      It is only a short travel by rain. (journey)


Question No. 5.


(a) Punctuate the following text, where necessary.

That familiarity produces neglect, has been long observed. The effect of all external objects, however great or splendid, ceases with their novelty: the courtier stands without emotion in the royal presence; the rustic tramples under his foot the beauties of the spring, with little attention to their fragrance; and the inhabitant of the coast darts his eye upon the immense diffusion of waters, without awe, wonder, or terror.



        I.            The knavish wolf was able to convince the pig to let him into his home.

      II.            I looked this word up in the dictionary but I still don’t understand it.

   III.            I need to learn these verbs by heart by/till tomorrow.

   IV.            The morgue is redolent with the odor of deceased individuals.

     V.            He is cogitating upon some means of revenge.

   VI.            He was reticent to do anything about the problem.

 VII.            His body is impervious to moisture.

VIII.            Ahmed applied to the bank for a loan.


Question No. 6.


Pair of words;

         i.                             Gibe: Because it is a relatively new city, Islamabad has frequently faced the gibe that it is a sleepy town.

Jibe: Most superstitious belief-systems do not jibe well with scientific findings.

       ii.                               Epigram: Alexander Pope’s satire is known for its wit and epigram.

Epigraph: He chose an irrelevant epigraph for his book.

     iii.                             Brawl: The two rival groups usually brawl over mundane things.

Bawl: As she was not ready for the shocking news, she started to bawl as soon as she heard it.

     iv.                              Crib: The baby was sound asleep in the crib.

Crypt: He is buried in the crypt of his hometown church.

       v.                             Barmy: The non-stop use of social media is addictive and makes you go barmy.

Balmy: We met our old friends on a balmy afternoon last year.

     vi.                             Peat: Global warming will dry out peat bogs in the area.

            Petite: In most competitions, petite gymnasts outperform those with longer frames.

    vii.                           Monogamous: Some birds live in monogamous pairs.

       Monogenous: In linguistics, there is a theory that suggests that all human languages had  monogenous beginnings with a single proto-language.

  viii.                        Postilion: The coach was guided forward by a postilion riding on one of the horses.

          Posterior: He strained his posterior muscles during the game.


Question No. 7.



Both Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and his distinguished as well as enlightened son Syed Mehmood treated the British as their equals and of equal stature.  This is contrary to the subservient and obedient behavior – in line with pro-imperialist designs – promoted by the British Raj that had widespread following in the sub-continent. The incident of Agra Durbar in 1867 was well known to the whole Indian nation, and not just the Muslim India. Syed Ahmed Khan had stayed away from the Court because the Indians had been given seats inferior to the British officials. A medal was to be conferred upon Syed Ahmed Khan at the Durbar. Williams, Commissioner of Meerut, was later asked to present the medal to Syed Ahmed Khan at Aligarh railway station. 

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