KPK Screening Test – 2

Welcome to your KPK Screening Test - 2

Which Pakistani cricket player holds the record for the highest runs scored in one inning during a chase in ODI cricket?

Capital of Uzbekistan is:

Capital of Kyrgyzstan is:

Currency of UAE is:

Which of these countries recently put a travel ban on Pakistanis due to Covid 19:

What is the title of the latest book written by Barack Obama in 2020:

OIC was founded in:

The headquarters of SAARC is:

Which of these is the founder of the company Amazon:

The chairman of Pakistan Democratic Alliance is:

The prince of the Jordan Royal Family involved in the recent political feud is:

The Houthi rebels are fighting in which of these countries primarily:

Which of these countries has not formalized relations with Israel:

Meeting to restore the Iran Nuclear Deal of 2015 took place in:

Recently a judge of Swat Anti-Terrorism Court was murdered, his name was:

National Security Adviser of India is:

Which of the following countries pulled out of the Open Skies Treaty after the United States:

Pakistan’s National Security Adviser is:

The newly appointed Minister for Petroleum for Pakistan is:

Which country was recently recognized as the world’s happiest country according to a UN report:

Who is the writer of Fatwa-e-Alamgiri?

Uhad Mountain is located in:

The punishment of adultery in Quran is how many lashes?

The Arabic word “Hablu” means:

Illat is a part of:

The method of ablution is discussed in which Surah?

Where are seven small stones collected to strike Jammarats?

Tafsir bil rai means:

The order of zakat was revealed in what hijri?

Which of these is a religious book of Hinduism?

Which of the following surah is about the oneness of Allah:

In Surah-Kauser the word “Atainakka” means what?

The third Islamic month is:

The incident of Mairaj has been discussed in Surah:

After Hijrat to Medina, the first mosque constructed by the Prophet was:

Book “Islam its meaning and message” has been written by:

Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari together are known as:

Literal meaning of Hajj is:

No. of clauses of the Medina charter were:

Holy book Zabur was revealed on which Prophet?

Choose the option which is most similar to the words given here.







Choose the option which is opposite to the words given here.







Both parties must adhere ______ the terms of the contract.

Owing _____ the bad weather, we cancelled our trip.

Everybody was laughing _____ him.

He is interested _____ history.

His father suffered _____ a heart disease.

David cleaned his room by stuffing everything ______ the bed.

Kate apologized _____ her sister’s rude behavior.

I am envious ____ them.

Real name of Shah Waliullah was:

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan founded a translation society in which city:

Dadu Mian changed the Faraizi movement into:

Pakistan became a republic in which year:

During the war of independence, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was posted in:

Who was the Mughal Emperor who accepted the British pension first:

Which of these country opposed Pakistan’s admission to United Nation:

Army Public School Peshawar was attacked in which year:

DG ISI at the time of 9/11 attacks was:

Which of these people collaborated with Indian Spy Chief to write the book “Spy Chronicles”:

Which of these writer has written a comprehensive book on the life of Quaid-e-azam:

Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations is:

Partition of Bengal was annulled in which year:

Nadvat-ul-Ulama was established in:

Allama Iqbal did not participate in which of the Round Table Conference:

Murree is part of which mountain range:

Anatol Leiven is the author of which of the following books on Pakistan:

Pakistan tackled the first wave of Corona Virus through the strategy of:

3rd Martial Law in Pakistan came to an end on?

China and Pakistan firstly signed an agreement regarding Gawadar in which year?

Which of the following science is considered “mother of all sciences”?

How many latitude lines are there?

According to which law gas is directly proportional to temperature?

Which gas is used to extinguish fire?

Another name of vitamin C is__________?

Which of the following waves have smallest velocity in vacuum?

The turning effect of force is called

The ozone layer is present in:

Which of the following is true for hormones:

Uranium is best used as nuclear fuel in which form

Which one of the following is a water-soluble vitamin:

The SI unit of “pressure” is:

The fruit apple is commonly associated to which scientist:

Tides are generated by

Water leaves from leaves through stomata is known as:

Telephone invention is commonly associated to:

A Rhinoscope (or Nasoscope) is a thin, tube-like instrument used to examine the inside of the_____?

The process of splitting water molecules in the presence of light energy is called_________?

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