Pakistan Affairs Quiz01

Welcome to your CSPS Pakistan Affairs Quiz - 01

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wrote ‘loyal Mohammadens of India’ in:

Simla Agreement was signed in:

Who wrote the book “My life a fragment”:

Qadirabad barrage is located on which river

Who was the second Governer-General of Pakistan

Pamphlet “Now or Never” was written by:

First country to open an embassy in Pakistan was:

Current Speaker of National Assembly is:

“Pakistan a hard country” was written by:

PDM stands for:

Delhi Proposals were presented by Quiad-e-Azam in which year:

The name of current DG ISI is:

Total Number of Basic Democrats was:

The East India Company was established at Surat in:

Recently which cricket stadium of Pakistan has been in the news for its beauty

Which of these countries opposed Pakistan’s admission to the United Nations

What was the name of the pilot shot down by Pakistan’s Air Force in a dogfight

Faiz Ahmed Faiz won which of these popular awards of his time:

Musharraf seized power from which politican

Pakistan’s representative to UN is:

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